Do you want to make a quilted jacket? 17 Quilt Jacket Patterns to Get You Started Update 05/2022

Quilts and quilting are still popular today, contrary to popular belief.
They’re not only popular, but they’re also on the rise!
From quilted purses to trendy quilting bedding, there has never been a finer time to be a quilter.
The quilted jacket is the subject of this piece.
We’ll go over the fundamentals of building one from a quilt jacket pattern before looking at 17 stunning quilted patchwork jacket designs.

Is It Hard to Make a Quilt Coat?

A quilted coat’s difficulty is determined by several things.
Have you ever followed a pattern for clothing? Basic pattern markings and clothing-making terminology are recommended. Learning these terminology will make following a quilt coat pattern much easier.
The quilt design you choose for your quilt jacket is the second important aspect. Will you opt for a straightforward square patchwork pattern? A more intricate double wedding band design? Maybe a crazy quilt pattern? You must determine this before beginning your quilt jacket project.

Supplies You Need to Make a Quilt Jacket

Quilting a coat blends the lovely art form of quilting with the astounding ability of clothing construction. Let’s have a look at the materials you’ll need to make your own quilted jacket.

  • Sewing Machine– To construct a lovely quilted jacket, you don’t need an expensive machine with all the “bells and whistles.”
  • Quilting Cotton Batting– For warmth and durability, I prefer 100 percent cotton.
  • Muslin– You can use this fabric to construct a mockup of the same name (muslin.) In clothing construction, a muslin is used as a practice piece. This step does not need the creation of quilted sections; it is simply a test of the coat’s design sizing and construction.
  • Quilting cotton, silk, acetate, or flannel can be used as the lining fabric. If you don’t want to lining the coat, this step is optional.
  • Thread– A strong polyester thread that can tolerate wear and washing is recommended.
  • Quilted Jacket Pattern: You can use a quilted jacket pattern or a conventional pattern to make a quilted jacket. To make a one-of-a-kind coat, use quilted pieces instead of solid pieces of fabric.
  • For the coat’s closures, you’ll need zippers, buttons, velcro, or other forms of notions. You’ll find instructions on which notions you’ll need in the pattern you choose.

Quilt Jacket Pattern Round-Up: 17 Stunning Ideas to Inspire You

My goal with this collection of quilted jacket design ideas is to encourage you to make a coat for yourself. Quilted coats are a great way to show off your sewing and quilting abilities while also having something useful to wear in the winter.

1. Quilted Dream Coat

Quilted Dream Coat

Martha at Buried Diamond created this lovely coat. This colorful, joyful jacket was made with the beginner-friendly nine-patch block. She has also led us through each step of the process of constructing this coat, so you may follow along with her if you want to!

2. Megan Nielsen Hovea Quilted Coat Pattern

Megan Nielsen Hovea Quilted Coat Pattern
Although this pattern is $25, it includes pattern pieces and instructions for six alternative variants of this lovely, modern quilted jacket. This pattern comes in sizes 0-20 with three length choices to suit your preferences.
It will also show you how to finish the coat, either lined or unlined, depending on your choices.

3. SewHungryHippie’s Tamarack Coat

 SewHungryHippie’s Tamarack Coat

Natalie produced this coat at This warm tamarack-style jacket was made with all solid colors in an improv pattern. This coat has a trendy eclectic vibe because to the vivid colors.

4. Beachcomber Jacket Quilt Pattern

Beachcomber Jacket Quilt Pattern
The traditional eight-point star, half-square triangles, nine patch, and four patch blocks are all used in this gorgeous jacket. This one-of-a-kind template shows you how to make these blocks, which you then sew onto an existing hoodie.
The pattern suggests wearing a crewneck sweatshirt one size larger than your usual size.

5. Quilted Tamarack

Quilted Tamarack

If you want a scrappy look, try making a long tamarack like the one created by BirdBrain Designs. She made this one-of-a-kind coat out of leftovers of many colorful modern fabrics. She also explains the modifications she made to the original pattern to make it an OOAK.

6. Homeday Tamarack Quilted Coat

Homeday Tamarack Quilted Coat

This is a great example of how to make a beautiful quilt jacket using a basic quilt design. This comfortable coat was made using a simple tamarack coat template. This would be an excellent first-time project.

7. Chiono Quilted Jacket

Chiono Quilted Jacket
This is a template for a lightweight quilted jacket that can be made from a complete cloth or a patchwork design.
For the jacket length, there are long and cropped options. It also comes with two alternative closure choices. This is an excellent starter jacket, especially if you want something light.

8. Quilted Coat DIY

Quilted Coat DIY
This quilt was fashioned using thrifted pillow shams, believe it or not! She wanted to build a quilted coat out of an old quilt and discovered these lovely pillow shams at a thrift store.
This is a great choice if you don’t want to make your quilted pieces or if you want to give an existing quilt a new lease on life.

9. “Party All Over” Quilted Coat

“Party All Over” Quilted Coat

This long, robe-like jacket would be ideal for the autumn season. Also, take a look at those massive pockets. It’s fantastic! This jacket was constructed from a quilt that already existed. The jacket pattern pieces were strategically set out on the quilt, and the appropriate components were cut out.

10. Tamara’s Joy Quilted Jacket

Tamara’s Joy Quilted Jacket

This is a well-written tutorial on how to build a quilted jacket from a jacket design. Tamara, the author, provides detailed directions for cutting and piecing the coat. She also provides numerous coat design options for making your own quilted coat or jacket.

11. West Quilt Coat

West Quilt Coat

This quilted coat embodies modern elegance and would look stunning on a variety of body types. The coat’s color pallet makes it a versatile piece, and the construction is straightforward.

12. Cozy Coat

Cozy Coat

This lovely big quilt coat pattern is perfect for anyone looking for a simple coat design. This pattern is unisex and can be used to build coats for both men and women. The quilt design can be as basic or as intricate as you choose.

13. Brittney Frey’s Quilted Coat

Brittney Frey’s Quilted Coat
You’ve undoubtedly seen one of Brittney Frey’s incredible quilted coats if you’ve looked at quilted coats on Instagram. She’s mastered the patchwork jacket and created a variety of modifications, including quilted vests.
This coat is a simple square patchwork design that is easy for beginners and includes beautiful Springtime colors.

14. Quilt Coat 2.0

Quilt Coat 2.0

Another great tutorial that shows you how to turn a quilt into a quilted coat is this one. The designer offers quilted jacket pattern suggestions as well as many tips and tactics to make the process go more smoothly. She also provides a variety of quilt pattern possibilities based on simple blocks.

15. SewnHandmade’s Quilt Coat Tutorial

SewnHandmade’s Quilt Coat Tutorial

How warm does this coat appear to be? The designer demonstrates how to use a practice muslin pattern to iron out any faults in a pattern before using a quilt pattern to produce the quilt pieces for the coat in this tutorial. She’ll show you how to build a quilted coat like the one pictured above from start to finish.

16. ScribblyGumQuiltCo’s Quilt Coat

The creator of Scribbly Gum Quilt Co. has made various quilted jackets, including this one. She specializes in modern, minimalist designs and has written a number of tutorials on how to create these wearable works of art.
The above-quilted coat has huge eight-point stars on the pockets and simple piano key blocks on the sleeves.

17. Uncomplicated Spaces’ Quilted Coat Tutorial

Uncomplicated Spaces’ Quilted Coat Tutorial
This stunning piece is made from a historic quilt purchased from an antique store. The creator demonstrates how she transforms an old quilt into a warm, comfy quilted jacket with a beautiful collar. If you enjoy repurposing stuff, this could be a great tutorial for you.
Wasn’t this a good time? I hope you’ve been as inspired as I have by this collection of quilted jackets and coats. You could make one of these quilt jackets in a weekend if you use a simple quilt pattern. Whatever you choose to do, remember to enjoy yourself!
Have fun sewing!

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