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What’s the Difference Between Pfaff and Bernina? Update 06/2022

Pfaff and Bernina are two well-known sewing machine brands that date back to the 1800s. But how do you decide which sewing machine to get if you’re wanting to upgrade or buy one for the first time? Both Pfaff and Bernina provide a variety of manual and automated sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines. Because the […]

[7 Effective Ways] How to Remove Screen Printing from Clothes? Update 06/2022

Screen printing is a common method of putting a pattern onto fabric for t-shirts, bags, and hoodies, but what happens if you need to remove the printed design? Perhaps you have a side business screen printing t-shirts to sell on Etsy, or perhaps you acquired a comfortable hoodie at a thrift store and want to […]

What’s the Difference Between Mom and Boyfriend Jeans? Update 06/2022

Do you ever have trouble deciding which type of pants to buy when you want both comfort and style? Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are both popular right now, yet they have very distinct appearances. What exactly is the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans? Mom jeans have a high waist, whereas boyfriend jeans […]

How to Avoid Clothes Shrinkage? Update 06/2022

The sleeves of your favorite sweater or t-shirt may no longer reach your wrists after being washed. It’s not uncommon for laundry to shrink during the wash cycle. By following a few basic laundry recommendations, you can keep your clothes from shrinking! Coldwater and gentle cycle washing is the greatest technique to keep clothes from […]

[With Illustrations] 15 Sheer Fabric Types and Names Update 06/2022

Everything from wedding veils to window coverings may be made from sheer fabric. Choosing the right material can be difficult because there are so many possibilities to choose from! These 15 sheer fabric types and names can come in handy if you find yourself lost! The translucent weave of sheer fabrics allows the spectator to […]