What Are the Different Types of Elastic Fabric? Update 05/2022

Some fabrics cannot be stretched. They remain out of shape and are damaged once stretched. Your clothes items will have a little bounce and will return to their natural shape with the elastic component. What is the composition of elastic? Elastic is constructed of rubber and latex that is wrapped with other flexible materials. Those […]

Attaching a Beaded Applique to Fabric (Sew or Iron On) Update 05/2022

What makes sewing so appealing is the almost endless amount of creative possibilities. You can always try something new, daring, or unique. Sewing becomes more enjoyable as a result, especially when working with beaded appliques. When choosing between a sew-on and an iron-on beaded appliqué, the sew-on technique is the more secure option. Making the […]

Sunbrella vs. Polyester vs. Olefin Fabric (Olefin Fabric Cons) Update 05/2022

There are three sides to the same coin. While this may appear to be an impossibility in reality, when it comes to materials, almost everything is conceivable. These materials are hailed as the next best thing, ideal for outdoor furniture and other uses. However, they might all be the same thing. Sunbrella fabrics are constructed […]

Chenille Does It Shrink? Cleaning a Chenille Blanket or Sofa Update 05/2022

Chenille is a widely used fabric. Its popularity stems from the fact that it changes color or appearance practically every time light strikes it from a different direction. As a result, this fabric is a lot of fun to work with in your next sewing project. Chenille shrinks, right? If you’re not careful, chenille fabric […]

Troubleshooting a Toyota Sewing Machine (Fix And Repair Guide) Update 05/2022

Sewing machines are merely tools. Sewing machines will break down, stop working, or skip stitches no matter how well they are manufactured or how reputable the firm is. You’ll stay on track and in a good mood if you know how to maintain your Toyota sewing machine. Always start with the most basic causes of […]